An algorithm based on the analysis of geolocated data

La Location Intelligence está basada en tecnología geoespacial para la ubicación.

Location technology

Betterplace has developed a modular-location application, which is strategic, adaptable and focused on predicting relationships between sets of data. These relationships give strategic information to businesses that would otherwise be very hard to identify.


We obtain, analyse and visualize sets of geolocated data   

Obtén datos con Betterplace

1. Obtaining data


We use Big Data and GIS techniques: we gather and process large amounts of data using our own geospatial algorithms.

We gather a large amount of demographic and commercial data from different sources, both public and private.

We add new data on a daily, monthly and annual basis, always providing the most relevant and most updated information. We then process this geolocated data so it can be analysed.

Analiza datos con Betterplace

2. Data analysis

We analyse the profile, characteristics and trends of any given area with the a machine learning prediction system, which enables us to obtain indicators through algorithms.

Visualiza datos con Betterplace

3. Data visualization

Betterplace aims to predict the value of the obtained and processed data. That’s why the app shows it in a visual, attractive and understandable way. The client can access to this information online or download it through different executive documents. It’s always designed for an easy interpretation of the results.

We develop solutions adapted to your needs

In addition to having a tool adapted to the different sectors, from Betterplace we develop tailored solutions. Our goal? Respond professionally and diligently to the particular needs of each client.

Tecnología Modular con Betterplace


Our tool is made up of modules. Thanks to its flexibility and adaptability, we can integrate new modules adapted to the needs of each client.

Tecnología estratégica con Betterplace


Betterplace’s tool allows us to identify trends, recognise changes in the market and discover patterns among clients. This helps making strategic decisions for your business.

Tecnología adaptable con Betterplace


Each client can choose one module or another depending on their needs and the nature of their business, allowing them to adapt functionalities and obtain geolocation data in regards to their strategic target.

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