Nicolás Pascual

Nicolás Pascual

Software Engineer

Enfant terrible of technology, this young computer engineer has proved that intuition is sometimes the most precious skill. Curious and insightful, Nicolás does not give up until he finds answers to all his questions. And his responses are usually surprising, creative and able to change the common way of understanding the world. Maybe that is why he amazes all his colleages.

After graduating in Software Engineering in the University of Oviedo, he moved to Barcelona to study a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence in the Polytechnic University of Cataluña.

He loves Betterplace’s start-up nature because in here he can explore one of the areas he likes the most: Big Data. He’s a good rugby player who likes experimenting with new technologies, always going one step further, always balancing developing and researching.

“Living the confort zone, taking risks… that is our DNA.