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Any questions? Check our answers

Which plan fits my Real Estate business?

If your main target are investors and you need to elaborate market studies for them, the perfect plan for you is the Standard. If your Real Estate Business is focused on increasing the client portfolio and valuing properties, then we recommend you the Premium plan. And in case your realtors network is large, you will need a high number of users. Go for the Enterprise plan!

How much does Betterplace cost?

The price changes according to the plan you choose -Standard, Premium or Enterprise, and the area / s you work in (municipality, province, Autonomous Community). In big cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville or Valencia, you can even select one or several districts. Tell us were your Real Estate business operates and we will send you a price adjusted to your radius of action.

How is the price calculated?

The cost is calculated considering the number of properties in your area (district, municipality, province, Autonomous Community). If you want to contract Betterplace in several areas, each increase will carry a discount so your Real Estate business can easily grow.

Will I pay monthly?

Yes, all our plans require monthly payment. So our prices are always given in euros per month.

What if I contract a plan when the month has already started?

If you contract Betterplace once the month has already started you will just pay for the days you have enjoyed the service. 

Can I increase the number of active users?

Sure! You can have as many users as realtors work in your Real Estate business. What is more, when each realtor has its own user, he is able to give a much more personalized service. If you increase the number of users once the month has started, you will only pay for the time they have been active.

Is the online demo free?

Off course. Our online demo is completely free. Schedule it yourself and we will show you every detail of Betterplace in just 15-20 minutes. Remember that this demo is only available for Real Estate businesses!

After attending the online demo, can I try Betterplace?

Yes, you will have access to no-obligation a free trial. We will create a temporary user so you can work in your area for some days.

I am subscribing to Betterplace. What should I do?

Contact us and we will send you a very simple contract you can fill directly through your computer. Check your conditions, include your company information and, once the document is signed, we both will received a copy in our inbox. Then we will activate your users and you will be ready to fully enjoy Betterplace!

Is it a long-term contract?

No, you can freely decide how long you want the service to last. If you decide to break the contract, you will only need to give us a notice 30 days in advance and we will cancel the service.

I am cancelling the service. What should I do?

If you want to cancel your Betterplace subscription you just need to tell us by sending an e-mail to Then, one of our agents will get in touch with you to confirm your cancellation. 30 days after that, the cancellation will become official. If someday you decide to restore the service we will be pleased to welcome you back!

Can I extend areas?

You can increase your contract anytime by including new districts, municipalities, provinces or Autonomous Communities. You will just need to send a notification e-mail and we will inform you about the new conditions. Once you have accepted them, we will update your account so you can have access to those new areas as soon as possible.

What if I increase or reduce the number of agents?

If you are using Betterplace and you are the manager of the company you can manage your realtors’ users directly from the app. The price is calculated automatically and proportionally every month.

How does the price change if I expand to new areas?

We help you include new areas so you can expand and grow your Real Estate business. Therefore, if you include new districts, municipalities, communities or Autonomous Communities to your plan, the price will have a discount.

Trabajo a nivel nacional, ¿hay opciones para mí?

If you are working national level (Spain) you can contract a full valuation plan that will allow you to value properties everywhere.

I am interested in the Premium plan but I work by myself. What do I do?

The main difference between the Standard plan and the Premium plan lie in the features. So if you are interested in increasing your client portfolio and in valuing properties, choose the Premium plan even though you do not need three active users yet. You will be able to activate them anytime in the future.

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