La location Intelligence se ha convertido en una ventaja competitiva para diferentes sectores.

Betterplace is technology

We are a technological company. A start-up with a transforming vocation and a high dose of creativity that analyses demographic, commercial and economic data in order to identify tendencies of any given area. To do so, we have designed a powerful tool based on Location Intelligence which allows us to use raw data from a company and compare them to both public and private data in order to achieve the maximum benefits.

And we do that in different business areas, from the real estate sector to banking, retail and public administration. We rely on the power of data as a way of changing the future of business. Do you?

Location Intelligence created by people

Betterplace’s core of expertise is data but its soul is its people. A multidisciplinary team that, from the departments of Management, Sales, Product Development and Communication, contributes to the growth of this mind-changing project.

La Location Intelligence está basada en tecnología geoespacial para la ubicación.
Sectores Betterplace

High strategic potential in retail, real estate, banking and public administration

Location Intelligence has become a competitive advantage in the future of businesses.  A firm but flexible advantage that allows us to extract the differential value of the data. We have developed our own technology based on the analysis of geolocated data aiming to offer solutions for different sectors: retail, real estate, banking and public administration.

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